Aesthetic Treatment Questions

Which areas of my face can I have dermal fillers?

Dermal Fillers can be applied to different areas to achieve multiple results. They are commonly used in Nasolabial (Smile Line) treatments and in Lip Enhancement to add volume or definition: Dermal filler is a unisex treatment popular with both genders as a way minimizing the physical signs of ageing. Dermal Fillers options:

• Sunken Cheeks• Frown Lines• Facial Lines• Tear Troughs• Lips• Mouth Corners• Chin• Cheeks

How should I prepare for the treatment?

Before your lip fillers treatment, it is important that you have had a consultation to establish is you’re a safe candidate, this is non obligatory and you will not be pressurised to undergo any procedure.
Drink Water in advance to ensure your tissue is well hydrated
Ry to Stay as calm as you can to reduce any risk of raising your blood pressure during the treatment, this will prevent you bleeding too much reducing the risk of bleeding.
It is not advisable to do a workout immediately Before Or After treatments.
Please DO Brush your teeth and wash your face and hands in advance to promote an aseptic treatment environment, supporting the prevention of pathogens entering the site of injection.
It is not advisable to Brush teeth after treatment due to the potential to transfer bacteria from your toothbrush and mouth around the injection sites. Please do this before and after at least 8 hours.

What are the possible side effects of Dermal Fillers?

After undergoing a Dermal Filler treatment, some temporary side effects are expected and are normal as part of the healing process.
Common side effects from injectable include redness, soreness or bruising around the treated zones. Most of these affects are temporary, and should not persist longer than 3-7 days. The length of time in which side effects may last can often vary depending on the patient and the area in which the procedure has taken place. Side effects do tend to fade within a few days of treatment.
Fillers are for safety reasons not be used on clients with severe allergies, please tell us without delay if you have any past medical history of either severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis. We cannot stress enough the danger in not informing a practitioner in advance due to the invasive nature of injectables, it is paramount you inform us if you carry or are meant to carry an Epi-Pen.
The consultation is a time to talk about such fears or concerns, alternatively you can call us to seek advice before booking your consultation

How do I choose which dermal fillers?

Reputable high standard filler brands are primarily made from hyaluronic acid from to replicate this natural substances found within our tissue but depleted as we age. There are some filler brands that use cross linking a process which determines the stability of a filler and so too, its longevity and safety in your skins dermis.
A reputable, tried, tested and trusted brand will have proven longevity, safety and biocompatibility results. One very good example is Juverderm, but it is not the only reputable filler as Restalyne, Redensity and Revolution, some less common but just as amazing in their longevity and smooth and safe bio compatible results.
Hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. This allows the skin to lock in moisture, this is the mode of action which gives our treatments fullness with replenished and smoother more youthful skin.
Since Juvederm is composed of natural substances, the effects are not permanent. This means that if the desired results are no longer required, the substance will be absorbed by the body naturally over a long period of time. Because the Juvederm gradually reduces its appearance, the fillers are a popular and common choice of procedure for patients that have not received any cosmetic treatment before

Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers at Clapham Aesthetics are very safe as we use only hyaluronic acid based fillers which is a substance which occurs naturally in the body and they are long-lasting but semi-permanent. Our practitioners who carry out Dermal Fillers are healthcare professionals. Despite this, it is important to discuss any possible side effects or complications of lip injections with Us so we can ensure you have the best form of treatment and after care.

Do I need downtime after lip filler treatment?

Yes there is some down time required following lip plumping injections, to enable a smooth transition for the tissue in the lips to readjust to normal following any bleeding and inflammatory response, it is advised to rest for the remainder of the day or evening. This means no strenuous walking, dancing, exercise and no rubbing the lip area. Additionally, Exercise + Sunbeds are prohibited for 48 hours you might experience some mild redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, or itching after the treatment, please consider this before any notable events in your calendar. These effects are completely normal and should subside within a week.

What are the risks of lip enhancement?

Lip injections are generally very safe but minor side effects that commonly occur include redness, swelling and less commonly itching at the site of injection site. Side effects normally resolve between 3-7 Days. We provide inclusive Follow Up appointments after 7 days for all clients to check the results and symmetry are at the standard we adhere too, correcting any imperfections post inflammation.
Rarely complications can occur where a lump may develop due to obstruction in a vessel, in such rare cases we advise you to contact us immediately to assess if manual correction is possible via massage and warm compress Or more stringent treatment is required such as Hyaluronidase an enzyme used with extreme caution to dissolve the hyaluronic acid (Composition of Lip Filler). Clapham Aesthetics practitioners are all trained to aspirate the needle in advance of each injection to avoid this complication.

Will my lips look natural?

Due to our quality products, experience and aesthetic design, when having lips fillers at Clapham Aesthetics London we will ensure a natural looking result without compromising your desired volume. Combined with the finest filler products adhering to the highest standards, with a very good; safety record history against reactions, such as Juverderm Smile or Restylane and Revolution which are designed to add volume and smooth out lines and folds. When injected by our experienced aesthetic practitioners, your lips will look fuller, contoured and natural

How much filler will I need?

Depending on the reason specifically for you desiring lip fillers; either sue to aging atrophy or natural thin lips, a flat lip border or philtrum Or simply desiring a more volume for fuller lips.
If you are considering undergoing a lip enhancement the maximum amount of filler in one treatment is 1ml of Filler, some women or Men only want 0.5ml to add a very natural looking adjustment Or for a Lip Border only treatment.
It is not possible to suggest without seeing you in person what suits you best nor do photographs substitute the value of a one to one assessment. Please contact Clapham Aesthetics to book a consultation our aesthetic practitioners.We will be able to answer any questions that you may have and talk you through the options and design process as well as most suitable amount of filler for you and your desired look.
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How long does it take to see lip filler results?

Once the treatment has been completed the results of lip enhancement will begin to appear immediately. The full effect can usually be seen after just a few hours, and will last approximately 9 – 12 months per treatment. Females have a tendency to compare to friends or other females in their expectations prior to the treatment. However, the volume genuinely does depend on 3 factors-

1: How big were the lips to begin with?
2: How much filler was used?
3: How depressed (Deep) are your smile lines or muscle weakness in that area?

These mitigating factors will always play a role. Our trained eyes takes such factors as deep smile lines (Nasolabial) into account and explain this if it may cause an issue in advance. If you would like to find out more information, please book a consultation with one of our specialists

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