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My experience having Dermal Fillers

Clapham Aesthetics we care greatly about the experience our clients undergo at Our clinic, receiving positive feedback makes us feel joy and pride to know we are making a difference where it matters in the lives of our clients. Our work does not stop after we provide them with treatment for skin problems or any of the injectable treatments that we offer. We continue to listen, support and provide aftercare; we could not be more triumphant than when Clients write to us to tell us how happy they are with their experience. Below you can read a review sent by one of our clients:
My wedding was fast approaching and after a very stressful previous year, I was not feeling a my best, now 45 and after a tough year, I had developed more wrinkles and signs of ageing and stress in my face. I knew I did not want to look back at my wedding photos and not like the reflection of myself as I was, I was sad and wanted to find a solution.
I did some research and I chose to Book a consultation at Clapham Aesthetics in London, I met the Manager who checked if I am suitable for Filler injections, they understood everything I was feeling concerned about. They explained fully that, I would benefit from a combination of skin resurfacing and 2 weeks some facial fillers including cheeks, lips, smile lines, they called this the equivalent of a - Liquid Facelift. Sounded extreme BUT extreme measures were required!! A day later I returned to the clinic to have the 1ST of 4 Peels. I was very nervous but was made to feel very comfortable by the beautician; in the end, the treatment was very relaxing, my skin felt great afterwards, but I was advised that there is more work to do. Fast forward a month later after my 4th peel, I was amazed at how clean and clear my skin looked, no wide pores, patches, my skin looked alive again!
I attended for my first round of injections, they went through everything and advised me even to buy a new toothbrush in advance over bacteria that build upon them, I felt by this point I had made the right choice choosing this clinic. The procedure was quick and simple and completely painless, I was advised to apply firm pressure to my lips but not to massage as the filler can spread outside and told not to use a cold compress, but warm, around the filler injection area if I felt any lumps; this is apparently to prevent constriction.  I was also told to return in 24-48 hours if I felt any lump that did not go away after 24 hours of applying pressure. As I had my cheeks done so I was told to sleep with a pillow either side of my head to let the filler set and settle. I bruised a bit but expected this as I bruise quite easily, initially I found a small lump where lip was slightly swollen but I applied pressure, ‘After washing my hands in an anti-bacterial wash, as advised. The lump was gone the following morning, much to my glee!
After day 9 approximately the bruising had gone and so was my sunken cheeks, flat lips and mouth growls, I was amazed! I genuinely looked 10+ years younger, I never felt so attractive, Ever! My Fiance and family knew I had the treatments and were initially worried, “what if it all goes wrong so close to your wedding?” Felt relieved and were so pleased for, they couldn’t stop telling me how wonderful I looked. What was most impressive was how natural the end results were, there was a huge difference; however, it looked like they had reversed time not filled my face with injections.
I revisited the clinic for a 2 week follow up to check if I needed any top-ups and if everything was balanced, which I didn’t. I couldn’t believe the difference the treatments made, I feel more confident, attractive and much younger! I had the most fantastic wedding, a dream come true and thanks to Clapham Aesthetics for making me feel born again but mostly to help me to feel Beautiful on the most important day of my Life! I will never go to another clinic; I am so glad I found you.
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