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Eyelash Extensions Clapham –

Our Eyelash Extensions Clapham are applied 1-by-1 onto your natural lashes individually,  they are not grouped together. This procedure entails isolating 1 natural eyelash, stroking it with 1 eyelash extension pre-dipped in a thin, non bulky, discreet glue, Applying this method to the eyelash extensions procedure, ensures your lash extensions are applied strictly 1 on 1, not across several lashes. Natural eyelash health can be best preserved using the weightless technique of one-by-one, as oppose to heavy clusters of 3-4 synthetic  lashes, which inevitably damage your  natural lashes, due to a high density of cluster lashes, resulting in a poor weight ratio, not to mention, if you lose just 1 cluster you have a rather unappealing and obvious gap.

We desire to offer only the finest signature lash extensions for our clients, and so we invest time applying eyelash extensions 1-by-1, not via quick short cuts which prove damaging in the long run.

  • Mink Eyelash Extensions
  • Gentle long lasting glue
  • Sensitive glue available
  • Sterilised Equipment
  • After-Care advice + support
  • Non animal sourced material
  • Half OR Full sets of lash extensions


Jinny Lash semi permanent lashes are natural looking and flattering, they are so effective that they instantly beautify you! Yes, now you can enjoy Long, dark eyelashes that not only emphasize the shape of your eyes but also make the eyes look bigger, creating captivating effect. JINNYlash is the original! A revolutionary technique in semi-permanent eyelash extensions, they were the leading pioneers in the UK eyelash extension market, JINNYlash have developed an unrivalled reputation plus outstanding techniques and world class technicians. JINNYlash is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve longer, fuller eyelashes. JINNYlash extensions are renowned for their natural-looking finish hence why JINNYlash are everyone’s best kept secret.
Lasts approx. 4-6 weeks


Glam Lashes provide a glamorous level of lash extensions, adding BOTH Volume & Length to your natural lashes. However unlike ‘party or temporary lashes’ which are come in clumps of approx. 3-4 and stuck using bulky adhesive, lasting between 1-5 days, Glam lashes are strictly individually applied 1-by-1 onto your natural eyelashes. They are available in both Mink or Silk material, resembling the texture of our natural eyelashes resulting in beautiful and fluttering eyelash extensions. Made to be identical to natural lashes the  lash base is flat and the lash tip is fine and polished, just like real lashes giving the  impression of naturally stunning eyelashes.

Lasts approx. 4-6 weeks

What’s the difference between #JINNYlash and Glam lash extensions ?
  • GLAMlashes are individually thicker hairs than JINNYlash  creating a fuller effect, the ultimate aim being to maximise volume.