Tear Trough Fillers

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What are tear trough fillers?

The hollow area below your eyes and upper cheeks are the tear trough zone. Due to the ageing process, this area can become more hollow, pronounced and shadowed, in younger women, it can also occur due to genetics, sleep deprivation and stress. Regardless of the cause, the hollow can present you with a tired or worn appearance. In the lower eyelid, the weakening Or loss of soft tissue volume accentuates the appearance of the tear trough. This is why women develop unattractive eye bags, dark shadows and hollow beneath the eyes. Clapham Aesthetics are highly skilled in tear trough fillers in London.

tear trough fillers

Tear trough fillers

Tear troughfillers aree specialised non-surgical aesthetic treatment performed using a hyaluronic acid injectable gel, this is a great treatment for patients with lower eyelid dark circles or dark hollow.
Some patients also benefit from Cheek Filler injections as these can restore the structure to the area of the face below the eyes by filling the upper cheeks.

How soon will I notice results?

Results for tear trough fillers are almost immediate, optimum results show once any bruising or inflammation clears normally within days.

How long does tear trough treatment last?

Tear trough fillers last 9-12 months on average

What should I expect?

An experienced and safe advanced practitioner who explains everything during a consultation. Hygienic preparation, numbing cream applied a safe product with lidocaine to reduce discomfort and aftercare including a scheduled follow up. After the consultation, your skin is cleansed and the area sterilized, a numbing cream is topically applied, after a little wait, the tear trough fillers injections are slowly performed.

Is there any downtime?

Tear trough fillers takes approximately 45 minutes, however for safety we recommend you rest and avoid alcohol, blood thinners, smoking, exercise, sunbeds and pollution for 48 hours ideally. It is very important to keep the area treated clean. It is idyllic to avoid strenuous exercise, tanning, steam and sauna rooms, should be avoided for at least 24 hours.

Which products do you use?

We use either Restylane or Redensity II, these are both low profile hyaluronic acid tear trough fillers, meaning they add volume but without drawing in too much water as is the case with lip and cheek fillers. They are two of the most widely used and trusted tear trough fillers in the industry, with proved safety and satisfactory results. They last up to 1 year.

I’m interested in tear trough treatment, will the injections hurt?

Many people find their tear trough fillers procedure at Clapham Aesthetic Clinic comfortable, however, discomfort varies depending on the area being treated and your pain threshold, slight transient discomfort is a common aspect of most injectable treatments. As skilled and experienced practitioners we will do all in our capacity to reduce any discomfort using preventative measures and empathic communication as well as supporting you with any anxiety during your tear trough fillers procedure.